Name: Trenz

Gender: male

Who: protagonist

Whence: Rothos village

Prior to the story: courier

Positive character traits: brave, fair, the leader, sometimes clever and kind

Negative character traits: can sometimes be very silly, and joke inappropriately.

Magic: fire and ice

Favourite phrase: "Forward!" Or "Extra caution won't hurt here."


Name: Kate

Gender: Female

Who: girlfriend

Whence: Spommkey village

Prior to the story: housekeeper

Positive character traits: kind, modest, beautiful, lovely, and smart too

Negative character traits: weeper, sometimes starts to panic in a difficult situation

Magic: light and healing

Favourite phrase: "Thanks"


Name: Green

Gender: Male

Who: little monster

Whence: Green island

Prior to the story: traveller

Positive character traits: Funny, curious, adventurer

Negative character traits: Harmful, thief, ill-bred, upstart, always hungry

Magic: Darkness and lightnings

Favourite phrase: "Ryyyaaaaa!"


Name: Harry

Gender: Male

Who: friend Whence: Rothos village

Prior to the story: village guard

Positive character traits: Strong, brave, purposeful

Negative character traits: Straightforward, stubborn, stupid, a bit evil

Favourite phrase: "So when do we finally go to the Evil Castle!?!?"


Name: Zent (or Petrik)

Gender: Male

Who: friend or enemy

Whence: Zent village

Prior to the story: traveling wizard

Positive character traits: calm and even-tempered, smart

Negative character traits: bore, deceiver, secretive

Magic: earth and wind

Favourite phrase: "So what?"


Name: Shandon

Gender: Male

Who: friend

Whence: Portgard

Prior to the story: piracy and treasure hunt

Positive character traits: leader, kind... well, sometimes

Negative character traits: greedy, ill-mannered

Magic: meteors and explosions

Favourite phrase "One thousand alley cats!... Oh. I mean, one thousand devils and one alley cat!"


Name: Stumpy

Gender: Male

Who: little stump-monster

Whence: Spommkey village

Prior to the story: a pet in Kate's house

Positive character traits: sweet, kind

Negative character traits: obtuse, speaks his own language, which only Katya understands

Magic: Water and life

Favourite phrase: "Irsi syam!"


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