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The game takes place on the fantastic planet Aezzz populated by humans, elves and many different mystical creatures.

The whole planet is a big single country and in its history were no wars, because all people signed the pact of friendship.

The game story is focused on a strange thing named Mysterummy, which is passed to Trenz, the main protagonist of this game, from his parents.


    * Magic, positive atmosphere

      * Non-linear game play.

        * The game contains 577 maps

          * 7 original playable characters, and 6 of them may not enter to the party.

            *You need about 10-15 hours to finish the game, but it can be played through several times, because it have many endings, bad and good, and varied characters combinations.

              * Voice of heroes in fights

                * Humor

                Also, you can

                  * Fly on brooms and the dragon

                    * Sail on the pirate ship and hunt for treasures

                      * Find many logical riddles

                        * And many secret places to visit

                        Unfortunately the game have some imperfections:

                          * most of graphics and music is not original

                            * the game exists in Russian language only (We began to translate)

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