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The game takes place on the fantastic planet Aezzz populated by humans, elves and many different mystical creatures.

The whole planet is a big single country and in its history were no wars, because all people signed the pact of friendship.

The game story is focused on a strange thing named Mysterummy, which is passed to Trenz, the main protagonist of this game, from his parents.


  •  Positive atmosphere
  •  Non-linear game play.
  •  7 original playable characters, for 6 (4 in this demo) of which joining the party is optional.
  •  You need about 7 hours to finish the demo, but it can be played through several times, because it has many endings, bad and good, and varied characters combinations.
  •  Voice of heroes in fights
  •  Humor

Also, you can

  • Fly on brooms
  • Find many logical riddles
  • And visit many secret places

Unfortunately the game have some imperfections:

  •  most of graphics and music is not original
  • Translated to English a little less than half of the game.

If you have liked the game and you want to know what's next, please write about it, If you can help with the translation from Russian to English, please write to
megaanntenna@gmail.com or here.


Lom_DEMO 1.zip 61 MB

Development log


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I couldn't try the game unfortunately, had an error with permissions and the 2nd time i tried to get into it, the exe had disappeared?? :S

Any idea whats going on?

Hmm .. this is strange. Maybe the anti-virus program is buggy? It is packaged in exe, so some antiviruses may behave incorrectly.