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Somewhere, far in the depths of space shine a bright star. And the light

of it is so beautiful, that life itself is attracted toward it. And life is glad of such an attraction, unaware of what mystery is hiding by warmth of the star.

Solar system Algol exist for many thousands of years. Inhabitants of its planets had conquered the space, science and magic developed hand-in-hand.

But every thousand years unknown evil is trying to destroy this order.

Most terrible event became the destruction of planet Palma. Many was able to survive, but for unknown reasons before flight space ships that were prepared beforehand started to explode one-by-one. That event marked the beginning of Algol's world evil's awakening.

Tragedy had set back the development and culture by hundreds of years. History fallen into the void. Technologies was forgotten. And evil took advantage of that. But the triumph didn't last for long. Chosen heroes weakened and sealed Darkness, returning with that peace to the Algol system.

But for how long will it last...

Install instructions

ATTENTION: fonts must be installed manually!

(there are 3 fonts: PhantasyStar, Phantasy Star 4 and PhantasyStar4Men)


Setup_PS20_ENG.zip 98 MB
PS20 Without installer.zip 99 MB

Development log


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Is this already fully released?

Yes, but english translation is still on beta (its readable, but some lines are weird)

You did such a good job with this. I’m so happy to see that I’m not the only person that’s this passionate about Phantasy Star.

Спасибо! 🙏🏻 

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Thanks for this awesome game. Anyone who loves Phantasy Star 4 should play this. With that ending, I would love to see a sequel or a 2nd episode. Also you should release this on Google playstore.


Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked our game! It's great that you were able to complete the game! However, we cannot release the game in Google playstore, I'm sorry.

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So far I've been lucky. I just beat the boss of the Tonoe Mines (no spoilers lol) and had no issues with the font or with my Dual Shock 4.

The game is pretty straightforward for me, and I've had no trouble progressing the story. Perhaps because I'm playing it right after a Phantasy Star 4 replay. 

I hope your game is complete so that I'm not disappointed at the end, but I'm very happy so far. 

Thanks for the feedback! ^_^

Yes, the game is complete. I hope you enjoy the ending! I will wait for the final review! 

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Thanks for the game :) If Sega is Lutz, then you are Rune. 

Unfortunately, I found a minor bug: there were two instances in which my party was healed but my skills were not restored. I had a plot party heal, and I took a free rest at the tent in Zema. Not having my skills restored made the underwater power plant boss more difficult, but I still barely managed.

I suspect that your skills do not restore unless you rest at an Inn.

Also, I just beat the Blind Sandworm, but I have no idea who in Tonoe will make me my special armor :(

Same thing in Torinco: a character rejoined my party with their HP and TP restored, but I had to rest at the Inn to restore their skills. 

Whew. I beat it :) The last dungeon was pretty creative, and the ending is satisfying but promises more adventure. Where are you Sega?!?! 

Also, please read this fan fiction: it's not mine, but it's my favourite Phantasy Star fan work ever :) 



Wow! Victory!? Congratulations!

Hahaha thank you very much, that sounds cute! 

It's nice to know that you are carefully exploring the game, and not just going along the main line of the plot. You can make armor at Hann in a furnace in the city of Piata. I hope this works and I remember correctly.

Also thanks for finding a small bug. I am glad that he is not critical, and you can continue the game. If I understand the problem correctly, you can eat cakes for recovery.

Yes, it would be great if Sega approved this game ... but that's just a dream.

Just tried the game, and it seems the no text bug is still happening :(

Hope you can figure it out, screenshots look real nice!  :

Thank you for your feedback! This is bad news for me.

Have you played the version with the installer?

I just had a go at the installer version and the text works!

I played through till I got out of the cave with the crawlers, the good news for you is, I only stopped because I have work to do!  I actually wanted to just keep playing!  xD

This is quite an in depth game you got yourself here, is this a solo project?  Very Impressive!

The only thing I really felt like the game needed was a way to go full screen.  Also, does the game work with an Xbox controller?  I haven't got to try, but I'll go find mine if it does.

I will give you more in depth feedback if you like, but I feel like I haven't played enough into the game yet to give make informed opinions.  

Is there some things in specific you wanted feedback on?  I'll do my best to help you out.

If you would like to help me with my game by giving feedback on it would be much appreciated as well  :)


Its Co-Op but works single player just fine as well.

I am a little shocked as to the quality of this game, I've played a fair few for other devs on here to help them out with feedback, this is head and shoulders above the rest!  You should be proud!  :)

It's cool that finally everything works!
Thanks so much for the test. It's great that you liked our game!

No, this is not a solo project. Yes, basically the truth was developed by one person. But there was a good support team. At different times, 4 composers, 4 programmers, and 3 translators worked on the game. Yes, this is unbelievable, but the game began to be developed in 2008. Yes, we have been making this game for a very long time as we have free time on enthusiasm. Now we can say that the game is almost over.

I do not know if the game works with the Xbox controller. It will be great if anyone can verify this. To switch to full screen mode, press Alt + Enter

First of all, I am concerned about the quality of translation into English, it has been tested very little, because I have almost no friends who are native speakers. It also worries me that there is little attention to our game. After all, we tried very hard.

Of course, I am grateful to you, so I gladly played your game and also wrote a review! Hope it will be helpful.

Here!  I have the first video up!


What do you think?  Did I behave the way you expected a new player would?

I noticed a few spelling mistakes as well, but I was expecting that with the translation.

I think I lost some progress by game overing, lol!  xD

Thank you for the first video! Yes, this is definitely not a very good experience! xD I hope you will be more lucky next time.

In the beginning everything went perfectly, I was pleasantly surprised how carefully you explored everything around. And then, when more freedom appeared on the world map, problems began. You wandered far from where the story continues)) If you click on "Talk" in menu, there will be clues in which direction you need to go.

Please, if you find serious errors in the text that interfere, let me know about it!

And please - save as often as possible! The game allows you to save at any time except the battle! ^_^

Hey this looks great so far. Couple of questions however:

1- Is it possible to keep the 4:3 aspect ration in full screen mode?

2- Is it possible to use the D-pad instead of the analog stick on an XBOX controller?


I am very sorry, but neither one nor the other is impossible.

I downloaded the top one which I think is the English beta but no words are showing up in the dialog box? Any Ideas as to why? windows 7 ultimate, 18 gigs ram, AMD FX 6300 processor.

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Oh, this is very sad news. You probably need to install the font that is in the game folder.

I updated the game. There are two fonts in the folder.